Modelling a "organic" shape as a beginner

I’m new to Blender and to this forum. Hope I found the right sub-forum here to ask that question. I started learning Blender a few weeks ago. Followed tutorials, read lots of “tips and tricks”, and so on for weeks.

Now I wanted to do my first own simple project and almost immediately I ran into an “I can’t do it” :grinning:

I chose this model because it is actually very simple:

But I’ve been struggling with the metal sides for 2 days:
photo metal sides

My first attempt was to “push” an plane into this shape, but I couldn’t really fit the shape with it. Then I tried modeling the outer lines of the shape with a Bézier curve, converted it into a mesh, filled it with a face, and added a solidify modifier. I made the holes with booleans. It worked halfway, but it looked awful when rendered. Because of the really messy topology I think :grinning:

It is really frustrating to learn that while modeling this simple thing, I ran into problem after problem :pensive:

So my question is: what is the best way to model this “organic” shape? How should I try next? How would an experienced user do it?

Thanks for all the tips on this.

Modelling holes in meshes, can be tedious. But it’s possible. It’s a long way to masterize topology.
from my side, as it’s laser cutted in real life. i ll do the “foots” with curves as i just explain here to another blender user in this post
Of course there is a lot of technics, but this one is non-destructive.