Modelling a pencil

I tried to model a pencil a got this far and now I am little bit stuck.

The edges of them pencil should be sharper but when I make them sharper it also affects the roundness of the top and I don’t want that to happen.

Or is there another, better, way to model this?
First thing I do in Blender here.


Try creasing the edges: Shift+E
Lol, i also made a pencil as one of my first works in Blender:

with blend file

you can look at the sample file and see how the tip was done !


Yes! It worked out just fine. Had to do it a bit different though …

When I followed the steps there, I didn’t get a perfectly round tip.
So I made my tip a perfect cilinder and connected it to my hexagon by selecting vertices and pressing “F”.

So I got this.

And I have no clue why I need a pencil modelled :). It’s my first thing in Blender and I just had to get my head around it :evilgrin:.

@Akirahz: I was about to give exactly the same answer. But since you find it out yourself, congrats!

Also, you insist not to use edge crease, that’s a great thing. I always think they are bad. They are lazy clumsy solution for bad topology.