Modelling a realistic box?

Is there a way to model a realistic box?
Not a cube, a box. One with sides and a top/bottom that opens.

I was able to do it by extruding all faces of a cube except the top one, then creating faces for the cube-shaped corners, but turning subsurf on to give it a slight round to the edges makes things seem… creasy in all the wrong places.

have you tried edge-creasing? make a edge loop near the corner on each side then subsurf then edge-crease to keep the face straight until it reaches the corner?
or bevel?

why would you need subsurf on for such a simple, rigid shape?

I re-did it and tried some creasing this time.
It looks a little better than before.

box.blend (129 KB)

Surely there’s a way to make a box better than this…?

I was convinced that I needed subdivision for a mesh to look like something not out of Wing Commander… but it seems to look fine when rendered after ‘set smooth’ is used.

Sorry, :spin:.

Rounding corners can be a good way to get more realism out of your model, but for something as sharp and rigid as a box a slight bevel along the edges should be all you need. Just remember to pay careful attention to your materials and lighting.