Modelling a realistic piece of rope

(mattpegg) #1

Hi all,

I am trying to model a peice of twisted 3-ply rope.

Note: example image only, no affiliation with the site)

Ideally, I want to have 3 strands (extruded circles) twisted together,
which then follow the curve of the Path object, but I can’t work out
how to achieve it.

At the moment, I can achieve:

  1. three strands following the curve of Path object:

Method 3 nurbs circles joined together, and the BevObj
property of the Path object.

Problem: I can’t twist the strands. It looks like 3 hoses.

  1. three twisted strands as a path or mesh.

Method: three separate objects, either Mesh or Path,
spiralling up and positioned/joined together.

Problem: It looks like a piece of 3 ply rope, but its rigid, and
extremely time consuming to try and make it look freeform.

So I can either have a freeform rope that looks like a hose, or
a rigid piece of rope that has no flexibility.

Ideally, I’d like to be able to create a 3D object and “fit” it to a
curve, but I don’t think I can do that.

I’ve tried texture mapping and it sort of gives the illusion, but
generally brings down the rest of the scene.

Any ideas ??


PS. If I can achieve the look, I’ll put up a tute, as its been pissing me
off for weeks, and there must be others out there trying to do the
same thing !

(klopes) #2

I think the best way in blender is the first you tried. As I always wanted to do one, I did it:

The main curve is straight, but each node-vertex is rotated with T-Key, a difference of 120 degrees than the next one. (sorry for my nglis)

Is it ok?

(mattpegg) #3


The T-key was the missing link. (I’m relatively new to both Blender and 3D modelling… but I’m learning as I go :wink:

thanks klopes…


(klopes) #4

… but I’m learning as I go :wink:

Yah, that’s the way… And continue trying strange keys, blender never finishes!