Modelling a shanti Shack for Game, Iron roofing. How to get high detail but low poly,

Ok so here i have a simple but relatively high poly iron roofing for a shanty shack,

it has 1930 faces because of the bevel and solidify, how do i get that kind of detail onto a much lower face count? what would be the process to turn this model into a game asset?

Thanks for any help, this is going to be my first game model

I managed to get it down to 486 faces, with a bevelled edge, is that low enough poly for Unity? or Udk if its not.


simple, make a plane the size of your roof. Bake normals,textures, ao from high poly to low poly. use in unity or udk. by the way, 486 is still too much for a roof piece. you can get away with (curves included) with just 40 to 50 faces max (with lot of details)

Here is one I made a while ago. Mine has 67 faces, which is considered pretty low poly for most games. I don’t think it has to be a flat plane, unless you’ll hardly see it. Mine was designed as a prop that may lean up against a wall, as in Half Life 2 etc.

But yes, agreed, you can certainly just use a plane with baked normals and textures.

Ok thanks for the reply guys, im having some trouble with the normal maps…

So i baked what i think is an ok normal map, saved it, created a new texture slot in the texture stack, loaded the image, clicked ‘normal map’ in Image sampling

enabled UV in mapping

then i click ‘nor’ under geometry correct? because when i do that the model is going black.

thanks for any help


I should mention that you need to be in GLSL mode, and have a light in the scene with “lights” ticked. If you’ve done that, post a blend and someone will figure it out. Be sure to pack the textures.

here is the .blend, thanks for anyone who takes a look.

here’s one I made awhile back. You are welcome to use it if you want.

No blend attached.

yeah i cant get the .blend to load…any ideas?

I’d say pasteall, but they are doing that blackout business today, which I get, but really? Come one fellas…

Hey so i thought id try a different model juust to get the flow right, so i went with a tin can.

here are the two models, and here is the normal map it gave me?? im confused as to how to bake a decent normal map for this model. what parameters would give me theis result?

also i tried it in object space, and it ended up giving the highpoly model a normal map, so i roughly matched the uvs and got this result, still far from perfect but everything is working, just need to bake the high poly normals onto the low ones UV’s


You want tangent space, and remember, the objects need to be at the same place (0,0,0 for example).