Modelling a shell?

Hi All,

Is there way to create a kind of shell around an object ?
I want to add a transparent shell around the “protein” object but when I scale it it does not work as I want… It seems not proportional?

watermol_non11.blend (2.6 MB)

You could add a metaball object for each atom, and parent each metaball to the atom object… would that work?

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kinda like this? -

you could just duplicate it and add a displace modifier.

That’s look great, Thanks.

I used a slightly different technique by using the solidify modifier with the material index offset option:

Many options seem possible. That’s fine!
I tried also a ALT+S (in edit mode) that gives good results but the mesh needs some refinement/decimate or remesh since the final size of the shell (it grows) must be 10 or 20 time the size of the protein.

may be try with the microdisplacement feature with some cloud texture
but it changes function of the zoom factor

happy bl