modelling a simple phone booth. glass windows give too much distortion.

Hello all. modeling a simple phone booth for the blendswap weekend challenge.
I have a very simple pane. gv it glass material, it is giving me quite the distortion.
Could i please have some advice on how to fix it?
thank you

Turn down the IOR.

Thank you, that worked.

Hello ikari, yes it is and I am not very proficient w/cycles yet. But thank you for the adv on the flat plane bit.
As it is I had gone back, extruded it and then deleted the side poly (trying to keep the count down, this is so simple i don’t think it matters)
W/more time i would have like to add textures…but this is just a quick “weekend challenge” and I have other tasks to cross off my list for the weekend. I have another phone booth I want to replicate (one a block away) will try later in the week when i have more time.
Final result w/this one so I can move on to the rest of the day…