Modelling a Spider

hi guys,

tried myself on modelling a spider, but don’t really know how to start off.

anyone any ideas?
maybe someone already did a spider.
maybe some tut links.


How detailed you want it to be? But good start would be studying photos/drawings of spiders and possible sketching (i’m currently very bad at it so i’d just reuse some photos, but your own good sketch is better of course).

As for modelling itself, I didn’t studied spiders and may be wrong on some points but basically spiders have head (complicated 4-jawed 8-eyed thing) belly (ellipsoid) and 8 legs with 2 joints each. so i’d started with the head as it’s most important if it’s close-up or just would create 8-legged and textured ellipsoid for tiny spiderling. :slight_smile:

hey trident,

i just thought of something like a robotic version of a spider.
not so detailed, but with that robot touch on it.
lots of cables and stuff.

you know the tachikomas (fuchikomas) in shirow’s manga ghost in the shell?
they do look a little bit like spiders.
thats what i would like to do.