Modelling a Spiral stair case

Hello again,

So i would like to design a spiral staircase for a horror game, Im not worried about texturing now.

Im looking to create a creepy old abandoned staircase that you would find in a medieval castle,

My original idea was to have one step, with an array modifier and curve modifier on it with a curvatious galore Helix curve. Buuut, i seem to have MASSIVE trouble with the curve modifier in general so this is just not working for me at the moment, also i find that the step itself curves, which is too be expected i guess.

I saw a tutorial on using animation and Dupliframes or something to make this kind of thing, and the result looks close to what im after, however, the tut was for 2.49 and although usually i can translate into 2.5 this time i got lost somewhere and gave up after a while.

Can anyone describe to me how to get this effect either with a curve, Dupliframes/verts/faces whatever. or any other techniques that would achieve this

Thanks for any help


I did a google search on “blender staircase” and there seems to be dozens of tutorials and examples out there. Can you have a similar google search and see if any are similar to what you might be looking for?


Thanks man, I dug deeper you said and found a pretty simple way with just an Array.