Modelling a suspension bridge


I’m trying to model a suspension bridge. What is the best way to create the bent suspension wires and then make the vertical wires stick to those bent wires?
I would like to be able to deform the suspension wires and have the top of the vertical wires stay attached to it, while remaining vertical, while the flat part of the bridge remains flat.

I’m attaching what I’ve currently done.


clifton_simple11.blend (347 KB)

There’s a tutorial on modelling a bridge on, iirc BlenderGuru;

Model it in parts, separate parts I mean.


found it,

Use Bezier curve.

Here I laid out simple Bezier with two vertexes over bridge elevation image on background. I kept the center of curve object at the center of bridge. This way with mirror modifier all you need is to create one quarter of geometry. The curve can be beveled to make it form a tube. Bevel depth can be adjusted at anytime and rendered tube can be made smooth.

Curve Fill set to Full + Bevel depth = cable !
Thanks for sharing this trick, i can see this becoming very usefull in some of my models.

That is great indeed. :slight_smile:
Just for the beginners like me who still need to search around the interface:

In info panel:
In properties panel:
object data tab

I will have a look at the video as well. Thanks.
Still need a solution to fit the vertical wires to the bent wire.

Subdivide bent wire. select each point and Ctrl-H - add Hook. That will put parented to points Empties there. Make vertical curves and parent to Empties.
Attach also lower parts and animate :wink: this