Modelling a Town - best approach

I am modelling a small town of 20 building or so. Houses are similar but different sizes and shapes and also made from different construction materials.

A. Would you model each building as a block and add features to it roof, windows doors etc.?
B. Create a construction kit, individual walls, windows, doors, etc. and then construct each building from the kit?

Anyone got an opinion?


It depends on the purpose. Having them just as background in a still even 3-4 would suffice if you model them a bit different on each side… Just look at the building in you place (even if you wanna use another syle) … differ thet sooo much ? For 20 buildings (A)… just start with one, copy it do some tweaks, maybe try a little more different style… make some tweaks. Consider difference just by color/texture (bricks/ painted wall , different roof tiles and/or color). Hide too much similarity by a big tree in front or in backyard… (B) a contruction kit is only good if you have different ones and are sure about different architectural styles (again think about the buildings in you neighborhood, even if complete different what you want).