Modelling advice

I am wondering about the best approach to make a shield. (The typical shape an English Knight would have carried) Sort of rectangular in shape when viewed from the front except for the point at the bottom and that they were slighly curved for strength and better protection.

Since I believe that they were slightly curved should I start with the top view. Draw say a circle, erase verticies, scale it to flatten it out. Extrude to give it some thickness. Then extrude down in the front view. Grab the last few verts and make the bottom point.
Should I start with a plane in the front view and move the verts around to try to curve
it and make the point. Then extrude the whole thing from the side.

Of course I’m sure there are other methods or variations on the ones I tried to mention.
So which way would YOU do it and why? Thanks in advance

In top view, create a tube. Delete the bottom half and flatten the remaining vertices. Extrude, hit ESC without moving the vertices. Hit ALT-S to create thickness. Proceed to add detail.