Modelling and dimensions


I’m trying to learn myself how to use Blender (for the purpose of architectural visualization).

I have created a model of a house in Sketch-Up, exported to Collada and imported that file again into Blender (see my attached blend file). Scene units are set to Metric. I checked the scale of my house by going into edit mode and showing edge lengths. Dimensions for the imported Sketch-Up model seem correct.

Then I get out of edit mode and insert a new mesh (plane) with dimensions 7m x 7m (add mesh and change dimensions for the new mesh in the property panel). The new mesh size looks correct when comparing it with the building size.

However when I go into edit mode for the newly created mesh and turn on the show edge length option, the lenghts shown are completely wrong (it shows 5.08cm instead of 7m).

Can anyone explain to me what is happening here? I would need those dimensions to be correct so I can use them while editing the new mesh.

Thanks in advance!


test.blend (655 KB)

Press control-a and apply the scale while in object mode. It can also be done from the object menu.

Thanks for the quick answer!