Modelling and Rigging Requirement- Female Semi - Realistic Model


I have this beautiful female Sketch ready.

Model - We need her face , with hair and hat, Inner mouth, proper body proportion as provided, animatable model - A pose required , her entire costume - So overall the entire model from hair to toe.
Inner Mouth will be provided with.
Eyes will be provided with.

Rig - Rig required in Blen Rig only
The required model pose, hand, legs and fingers is provided in the Blend file.- They have to be strictly adhered to.
She shall be used for fight sequences so Rigging has to be real good & flexible . The character will talk so opening of mouth, eyes movements, head movements, wrist movements, gestures and body rotation are important points to be noted.

In reply, please send examples of model and rigging that you have done on similar lines.

Even if it is for only modelling or only rigging , feel free to send.

email to : [email protected]

I shall email the sketch once you show interest.

Currently the image attached are just for reference sake for her clothing.

clothing ref - in black

If our association works and our work flow clicks with each other, it shall be a steady inflow of work for a long time. ( We have 30 interesting characters to be done currently - model and rig )

Deadline - 10 days from once we finalize it

Blend file for the model
Blend file for the Rigged Character

Time: 10 days
Budget: 200$ (100 each)


message and email sent please check! Regards Michael…

Hello how are you. I Think that I will be able to help

Hello There,

I have PMed you. Please check it out.
You may please contact me in [email protected] for further discussion.

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