Modelling and Texturing with Thomas Doig | New Youtube Channel

Hi everyone,
I have started a youtube channel Focusing on my workflows in Modelling and Texturing. I hope to help beginners and also to learn myself.

Please feel free to have a look. Comments and suggestions are welcome.

I will also be active here on the forum offering tips to beginners that need some help.

Thank you

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Welcome. So why not link your vids then rather than the subscribe button before anyone has even seen anything? :thinking::thought_balloon::cow2::poop:

Hi Lobo Tommy,

You may avoid subscription if you like. But as stated in my post my goal is to increase my subscribers to be able to keep producing more content helping others and maybe learn some stuff myself.

Your emojis a very friendly.

Thank you.

Yeah sorry, I searched for sly, underhand, duplicitous etc emojis and had to improvise. I look forward to some worthy compelling content in any case.

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I have edited my posts as they most likely came across the wrong way. I’m still learning, it’s a never ending process :slight_smile: