Modelling and Topology comparison and discussion. Join in!

Hello everybody

It’s kind of amazing how many different ways and styles of modelling, and it would be fun to compare peoples model, in stuff like topology, density, poly count, detail, etc…
Everyone can join in, all you have to do is model any or all of the things below and then post some screenshots and wires of them and explain a bit how you modeled it (like box, poly, other…) and any other things about your process and techniques. and we can discuss the ups and downs of different model styles. What I, me, myself am interested in, is how detailed and smoothed peoples meshes are and how much you rely on subsurf and sculpting and stuff for detail and smoothness.

here are the things we can start out modeling:

a human

an Audi A4

or a pair of hockey skates

interested to see what people have,
ctdabomb :ba:

i’ll start it off with those skates. I modelled poly by poly. It took me a tad over an hour. not much detail really. 32k with subsurf on and 1.4k without.