modelling bug

when I type G Y 0 the selected point don’t move to the line of 0 in Y global coordinate.
Did i forget something?

A movement of zero units is not that far…

Do you want S Y 0?

Works as designed!
When you press G Y and 0 you are telling blender to move the selected vertices by 0 units along the global/local y axis (depending on the axis settings).

As a side note don’t name your threads with something like bug unless you have absolutly confirmed that it is a bug. Better is to name your threads after the problem you are facing. In your case I’d suggest “Vertice doesn’t move the way I expect”.
Saying that it is a bug can bring up resentments towards your post if the post itself shows that you cleary do not understand the way the software works.

Dagobert: There is a way to set the y-value directly as you would like to do.
With the mouse pointer in the 3D window, press the N key on the keyboard.
This brings up a little window within the 3D-window where you can type in coordinates.
In edit mode, with the vertex selected, click with the mouse in the middle of the
“Vertex Y:” field of the little window, and type in 0.

The question is simple misunderstanding are we talking about global coordinate here. because as i know there is only one 0 0 0 in global coordinate in the 3d world. But as we are talking only about axis i understand my mistake. Usually in other software moving Y 0 in global coordinate ( called sometime absolut mode) bring the point on the 0 Y line. As i need to reset some vertex position at précise position in global coordinate i was a bit surprised not to see the vertex jumped at Y 0.
And i will not use bug in future post except if it s something that is no more reproductible between 2 versions.

Musk stop drinking coffe…

Hm, you know, an alternate version of grab called “Move To” that effectively sets the ‘median x/y/z’ to 0,0,0 (or cursor if in cursor pivot?) and then functions as grab would be really handy for some things; there isn’t a good way to snap the median of some verts to somewhere.

Heck, a keyboard command to edit the N data wouldn’t suck, even if it was just ‘press N twice fast to focus first text box’.

I dont know this alternate methode where is it hidden?

Sorry, It dosn’t exist, I was just ruminating on that it would make a good feature :frowning:

it does, star weaver. Press N. In the properties panel, enter your values directly.

Oh … yeah. I guess I was just wishing for a way to do it without clicking on a ui doodle ;). Some combination of script and/or autohotkey could probably enter 0,0,0 in the N fields and then go into grab mode, though.

Do I get it right that the miraculous event code rewrite may bring to us a better integration of such things like a command line? Like in CAD programs.