Modelling car door seams

Heya all,

I have recently been modelling my first serious attempt at a car, however I can’t think of a way to incorporate the door seams into my model, right now its only a flat piece of metal, how would I put the seams into the door?

thanks a bunch


If this is the effect your after:

To make this I

  1. added a plane and subdivided it a couple of times.
  2. selected a rectangular group of verts ans split them (y key);
  3. move to split verts aside using the control key so that I could replace them in the same position later.
  4. extrude edge of the hole and the the edge of the split mesh slightly.
  5. moved the split mesh back
  6. turned on subsurf level 3 and set smooth.


Yeah, thats the one Greybeard, thanks for you help

P.S. I just watched one of your video tutorials and it was great :smiley: