Modelling Car into Pieces


I was trying to model a car with Independ Pieces, Now i want to join all the vertices together.

Cant figure out how to do it. i cant just select and fill the faces. Please help how to join all the different pieces to complete the model.

Please refer to the image.



You’ll have to merge them separately; it’s normal to end up with separate pieces no matter the modelling process an individual uses. If the verts are close enough together you can select everything and then w>merge or Alt M.

Perhaps upload your blend file, and someone can take a look at how easy it would be to merge everything.

I’d suggest, using the bridge two edge-loops to join the parts together then delete one of the edge-loop s. (w>bridge two edgeloops)

Why do you want to join them?

How much I know is that yes lots of people make the car in parts and then at last we can join it, I have read some were on net don’t know the address that making the individual parts also help in rigging the car. Like if you want to show the door open and close and so on. So that’s why it is wise to model it in parts and what you don’t have to animate you can join it else you don’t. :smiley:
The other thing is that it is quite easy to make it in parts and my personal experience says that it also works fast and good. :slight_smile:

hope that it helps a little…

i tried Ctrl +j to join all the meshes. To keep some objects Separate i Duplicate the vertices and Clear Parent.

Lets see if i get into more issues, but for now its working. :smiley: