Modelling car panel problem

hey guys im having a problem with modelling a car panel in belnder,

im fairly new to blender and any sort of animation in general. I decided to model a car following a tutorial, but i bumped into some problems along the way.

There are some dark areas that dont look very good. Ive have modelled half of the hood and i’ve added a mirror modifier. I tried adding a subsurf modifier, but that didn’t help and also i wanted to maintain those sharp edges in a car. I dont know if im going about the wrong way in fixing this…could someone guide me in the right direction.

Im pretty new with forums as well so im not sure if the picture i’ve attached will show up. But thanks heaps for your help =D


Try and use recalculate normals. Ctrl N for outside or Ctrl Shift N for inside while in Edit mode. You will find it in the Mesh menu under Normals.

Looks like you have smoothing on. You will need to do some additional loop cuts (CTRL+R) that are close to the edges you wish to keep sharp or possibly use a bevel on those edges.
It looks fairly a fairly low poly mesh so subdividing may help.