Modelling chair legs


I am relevantly new to Blender at the moment and looking for efficient way to model 4 legs for my chair. Currently I have stumbled on the legs due to not knowing how to proceed it further. I have made one leg that I moved to one of the corners of the wood structure. Then I rotate and move that leg around to get correct angle. I suspect there are better and more efficient ways to do it. My problems is that once I tilt the leg from vertical things get quiet complicated to move and to rotate it to get right angle. If I have to do all 4 legs that way I guess that’s not the most optimal way to do it.

Another thing I would like to know how to do is the bottom of the leg. I need it flat to the surface/horizontal. I guess somehow selected face can be snapped flat?! Hope it makes sense.

Snap 3D cursor to center of “leggs”. Than in edit mode select all vertices of leg and use spin tool.

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Thanks for the tip. Somehow I completely missed the rotate tool and changing from “global” to “local” made things a lot easier. Still looking into possibility to use mirroring modifier thoiugh.