Modelling character faces without side profile reference image?

Looking for some advice here from seasoned experts when it comes to modeling human faces based on actual people - all the work flows I am aware of revolve around setting up front and side profile reference photos which are assumed to be orthogonal and then deforming a template mesh to fit.

My question is how to manage when no good side profile references are available? In my specific case I’m looking to do a series of charicatures based on public figures and while relatively easy to find front on and half turned, it’s very rare to find a candid side profile shot of anyone.

I’m in the early stages at the moment (haven’t even done a self portrait yet) but would like to get some options while I’m learning so I can streamline things (planning on creating a rather large cast) .

Just spitballing here but was thinking perhaps I could include the not so side profile shots available on a reference plane and intersect that with the face model off axis depending on what the actual angle of the photo happens to be… any pointers to tools or tutorials that could help would be much appreciated.

Failing this I suppose I will just have to scrub through endless youtube footage in the hopes of snagging an elusive side profile shot of the subjects (I gave up on sketching portraits with pencil and paper many years ago and what little talent I had then has long since faded)…