Modelling Cloth

Hello everyone,

I’m trying to find a way to model cloth.
The last time I tried it it was no succes and Softbody was really a crap.
But I want to focus at how to model cloth first(so no tips for Softbody or the Cloth Simulator).
I would like to ask people who did it already.
How did you do it?
How could I do it?
How should I do it?

I did it the hard way.
i had a picture of a fairy in a dress. i had the model of the fairy already, so i ‘needed’ clothes on her. she was fine without clothes, but thats not the point.

Ok, how i made the dress.

  1. i had the image of the dress with all its creases and folds, so in front view, i traced it with verticies.
  2. i split the view into a front view, a side, a variable (one i moved alot to get good angels), button window and a window with the immage i was using.
  3. from that, i faced everything and did final edits. sice i had the body of the fairy benieth, i could move verticies proportionatly twards the camera since the body was underneth.

this tenique only works on things like drapes, cloths and curtains in the form of a picture. It also woudl be difficult to move since the faces are directly above the lower layer.
Here is the picture of the fairy i did, i posted it a few days ago on anther page.


the cloth also needs to be animatable

get the sort of general shape that you want, and apply a material. add a texture, e.g stucci or whatever you want. Go to the mesh tools in edit mode, and press the “noise” button. This should displace your vertices a bit, so do it again and again until its as much as you want it to be. You can also use different textures for different effects.

Animated cloth can not be done well automatically at this time.

well I mean that the cloth will be controlled by other objects(so it’s parented to an armature, and after that is a succes there will be softbody applied(or cloth simulation modifier), softbody will have Goal activated and so on)