Modelling Clothes?

(banana_sock) #1

im working on a charcter but eventually im gonna have to make clothes for it, so im wondering what’s the best way to create clothes. I can manage to create the shape of them, but getting folds and creases is something im not good at yet. Any suggestions/tuts?

(S68) #2

That’s a most complex task.

No tut AFAIK

I’ll do it with RVK on the Cloths, with very few Vetices and High subsurf (Or NURBS?)


(harkyman) #3

First thing I would do is to not model the part of the character that will be covered by the clothes - or at least remove those parts before you animate. That will at least eliminate any problems you might have with your characters body poking out through the solid edges of the clothes.

(banana_sock) #4

thanx for the suggestions, i’ll probably be able to get it right. About removing the parts of a character covered by clothes, it may stop parts poking through, but if the character poked through, the clothes would be too thin and look weird. I’m not up to it yet though, so i’ll rethink it when i get there.