Modelling Cotton

Hey guys and gals.

I am working on a project and I have to model cotton stuffing from a teddy bear. I have a fair amount of experience with Blender, but I guess I’m not sure how to approach this task. Do I use simple mesh data, like a primitive for instance, and then use multi-layered textures to create the appearance? I tried to do a single layer texture on simple shapes, but it’s really not turning out very well. Does anyone have any ideas?

Model a basic soft looking shape, then use strand particles with lots of children all over the mesh making it sort of like a soft tangle.

Then put an SSS material on it.

Thanks Mr. Dragon. I will try that and report back.

Well, I used part of your idea. I actually went with a more straw like material for my piece, as the SSS on the cotton wasn’t turning out very well with my skills.

You can check out the draft here.