Modelling curvy engravings

I need help on how to go about modelling the engravings on the dagger in the uploaded picture. Tips or maybe links to some tutorial where I can learn how to model stuff like that or anything helpful. Thanks in advance.

First of all, have a think about whether you want it to be modelled, sculpted or just texture, or a mixture of all three.

I want to model that with actual details .

Thanks, do you think that can be done with curves as well.

Not so well… you could maybe start with curves,but you’d have to convert to mesh to attach it to the main body of the sword. After all, it’s just relief work rather than being a separate object from the plate underneath.

Another option would be micro-displacement.

that was great help, thanks for the time.

for the handle you do have some symmetry
so make one part then repeat with array Z

but if you use dynatopo to sculpt it you will need to do a retopo of the high res model !

good luck
happy bl