Modelling decorations

Hello people. I’ve been working on various furniture stuff and am currently doing thinks like chandeliers, mirrors, wall lamps, bath tub stands which consists of many floral patterns and am completely stuck on how to go about doing it.
Is there any way to go about doing this? Hope someone could point me towards the right direction.

Lots of frilly details that would be difficult (or at least tedious) to make using standard poly tools?

Dynamic Topology Sculpting would definitely be my answer.

F2 addon was created with this type of modelling work in mind.

Depends how accurate you do want/close renders. If not close renders then sufficient might be outliners with 2d curves/InkScape and some spirals top of basic shape. You can resize thickness of curve points (Alt+S).

see these threads

you could also start with the new skin modifier then modify the shape

baroque sculpting video tut for f2 and stretch

antique chair

now we do have a new tool in blender for adding face
using F key which is a little like the F2 tool but not as powerfull

we also now have a better bridge tool
and we have the Grid fill
which makes it lot easier to model now

happy cycles