Modelling details on architecture scenes


I’m working on a few scenes involving ancient Rome-like settings. On objects such as pillars how do you carve out those intricate details, like those sculpted animal motifs on pillars? Is there any way to do this without sculpting? 'Cuz I suck at that.

I mean something like this:


Do modeling for a sort of base mesh (though rather high poly and with a few details) and then sculpt in the finer details.
Something as detailed as that pillar will take time to do, so the key is to be patient and just do it.

Thanks for the input. I’ve been searching for help on this for some time. Haven’t been able to find a decent (read: any) tutorial yet. Maybe something for the sites to look into?

Well it’s really just manual labour. No tut-material there

Don’t just look for blender specific sculpting tutorials, basic sculpting techniques are the same for blender, zbrush and mudbox.
For some of the complex designs you can just use a texture (search in google images for black + white images or motifs and other designs), with the stroke set to anchored you can then draw the texture onto your model if you have enough polygons.
Symmetry and radial symmetry can also be useful for architectura sculpting