Modelling Duel: Mammoth.Mk4. tank

Hi people,

this is the result of my duel with alltaken. A huge tank :stuck_out_tongue:

I hope you like

~600 000polys
-15hours of modelling, 6hours of sleep, 3hours of relaxation throughout the duel

  • 1 crash
    -A hell lots of objects

I’ll be waiting for critics and comment!




I get the feeling for once the image would look better with some color and without grain.
But apart from that, I bow.

You are a friggin machine man. Great work.

You should adjust your AO settings though for a better render result.


holy cow…
have you posted on Cgtalk yet?
Make sure to include the info below the pic.

That’s a very nice tank, reminds me somehow of Skies of Arcadia…


modelling is great, no question. But the AO grain really ruins this for me. Change and rerender and it will be waaaay better picture.
modelling details are insance and the investment of time is way cool.


Wowsers! I second BgDM! Awesome work!


yeah good work X-Warrior.

i can’t really complain about anything there…jsut trying to find those curves i know are hidden somewhere :stuck_out_tongue:


meanwhile my renders are rediculously long. yeafray would probably be faster :stuck_out_tongue:


Real big and mean.
Some collors and i would be even better.

awesome work dewd, that sure is huge and deadly :smiley:

cool! really good, im glad u fixed the rear end like i said, it woulda been hella boring!


:o How do you get such idea’s about modeling such high detail? It would take me ages to think of how to model a tank with such awesome detail. Man I need that blender guide and a lot of sparetime to learn using blender more then only low-poly modeling. :smiley:

Hi people!

Tx for all those comments, really appreciate them :slight_smile:

About the grain,
well I personally like it since it give the pic an old feel…but anyway, later tonight I’ll render another image with more samples (it’s at 6right now…I’ll crank it up to 12)

here’s a close up render

Hope you like :slight_smile:

X warrior can u lend me ur car ??? :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

is your sig supposed to be spelled incorrectly?
anyway, I think that is too close for your level of detail, it starts to lose its amazement factor with some little errors and details missing.
for instance, the top turrets are just little boxes, they would need more detail.
and the walkway railings look strange.

omg…alltaken is screwed.

i have asked him that before, but he never answered me…

X-WARRIOR that kicks ass on so many levels it’s not funny :smiley:


Regarding the comments concerning the turrets, I was thinking… a blend (think 2hr) I had sent you had some interesting although unfinished ones given the speed model scenario. I don’t know if you had the chance to render the cruiser look at them up close. Plus I didn’t have AO on for that blend I think, but I think they could work well in this model:

If you think they’d work, I’d consider it an honor if you can use them, not for contest purposes of course, just maybe to add some detail to the existing turrets for a non-competition render :wink:

You have the blend, so let me know what you think :slight_smile:

Now I can’t wait to see Alltaken’s creative response to this! :smiley: I bet it will be good :slight_smile: