Modelling dust

How can I model dust in the air that results from a fan iblowing at dusty ground? Besides, I am using Yafray, but even if you know a method that works only with the scanline renderer, let me know. Thanks.

errr… particles is the obvious solution but it’s not working for yafray.

things like dust, smoke, fire, and sometimes liquids are generally done using particles, which can be accesed by selecting the mesh you wish to use as the emmitor, clicking the triple arrow button, choosing effect>add new>particles. i don’t think yafray supports particles, and the internal raytracer doesn’t reflect them, however, you can use env mapping with them. some things to remember: when rendering particles against the world background, use the unified renderer. for dust, you will want to set particles to ‘halo’ in materials, with a low alpha value, and tweak the halo size, and hardness, until you get what you want. aside from the particle buttons, to control the movement and dispersion of the particles, you can also use a grayscale texture in the eigth texture channel. particles are alot to absorb right off the bat, but you will find lots of uses for them, so might as well dive in.