Modelling for Games, Need help!!

Hey all. So im helping out with some models for a game made in Unity, and im trying to create a basic ‘dungeon’

Whats the best way to go about this? what rules to i need to follow? i have never done scenery before so i dont know how it works at all.

Also does anyone have a scene for a game that they can let me disect??

Thanks alot for any help

The first thing i would do is draw some concept art, to give u an idea of the feel that u want when in it.
Next you would begin to model a basic shape of the dungeon, something similar to what u drew. Then get into a little more detail on it by sculpting or adding edge loops where neede etc… Next, i would make the props or items u want in the dungeon (i.e: torches on the walls, the gates that hold the prisoners, that kind of thing. Once u have everything u want in the dungeon modeled, begin texturing it. the best way to do this is unwrapping the objects and exporting them into the GIMP or Photoshop, and there u can texture them. However, for the tunnel, i would use a simple seamless dirt/rock texture and use texture painting and paint maybe a path through the dungeon or something. once everything is textured place it where u want it. Then add some lights and there u have it, a dungeon ready to be used in a game.

There are in depth tutorials on youtube and google on how to do the things above. For the texture painting/splatting, use this tutorial.
Hope that helps a little :slight_smile:

Hey FPS thanks for replying so fast.

Heres the thing. 1: I cant draw. blender is my introduction to art and i can never draw what i want so i have yet to try really hard to draw something good.

Secondly, although i can sometimes build half decent models i get really stuck at the beginning, i dont really have enough experience to plan ahead so i just go with it, sometimes it works, mostly it doesnt.

Im only looking for a basic placeholder type model to run with, but i cant even think how to do the room :S Im not used to doing enviroments in anyway, having only done single models and rendered them without a scene.

Do you think you could do me a favour? make a quick very basic room that you would put into a game at an ultra low level? i mean no textures just simple extrusions so that i can get a feel for it, you dont even need to put anything in it, just want to clarify that how i would do it is right or wrong, I know im asking alot but i really learn visually. and one good reference will get me going well

Thanks for all your help and interest

yeah, i could do that ;). I have never done a dungeon, however, so it might not look like how you pictured it, ok? Ill post the blend file when im done, and just so you can see how its done, ill add a texture map to it. Ill get to work when I get home from school :slight_smile: Actually looking forward to it since this is something i myself am not fantastic at lol…

Thanks FPS i owe you, Im getting involved with a unity programmer to make a survival horror, check out our thread on here, we have just started, but are looking for modelers animator, riggers who want to help, although we are only in the conceptual stage at the moment feel free to help out if you are interested.

Thanks again

Hey, I looked at the thread and it sounds interesting. I myself was working on a survival horror FPS but couldn’t find anyone who wanted to help since I had only the idea… I could help with making various models for your game if you’d like, such as low poly buildings, cars, etc…

Yeah sure dude we are looking for modelers, riggers, animators, texture artists, and everything inbetween.

We are still in the conceptual phase at the moment and your input into gameplay, story, and previsualisation are more then welcome.
Do you have MSN? we are in contact on that as it is much easier to share photos, ideas and talk.

The Plan at the moment is to create placeholders, very basic rough models to put in place so Harris can Program in unity without having to wait on us, which makes things smoother, we have a rough plot, character ideas, and gameplay ideas. in fact its getting quite solid at the moment and progress over the last few days has been significant. I would love for you to get involved.

And im sure your modeling skills are better then both of ours so your an ideal addition to the team :smiley:

Thanks and glad your interested

Ok, that sounds good. I use MSN daily so that works well for me. Here is the dungeon you wanted. its not great but it gives u an idea on how to start it maybe. If not, sorry about that. I had fun modeling and texturing it though! >:D