Modelling Gollum

Hey guys,

I’m trying to follow along with this tutorial,, but it was made in 3Ds Max, and i’m having some trouble with it. Is there any feature in blender where you can add vertices to the mesh itself without creating new edges (not the Ctrl-right_click method, i already know that but it creates a new edge and i just want to add vertices with out subdividing to whole thing), or is there a way to subdivide in only the x-direction for instance instead of x-y-z.

Thanks, Any help appreciated,


I don’t understand what you mean.

I am modelling a face at the moment and I do that by, starting with one vertice, then extruding it by pressing E then adding another vertice. I continue this method, till I have built my own mesh from scratch.

So just add vertices by pressing e?

To follow a simple tutorial on making faces go here:

That tutorial is 3 years old :o! Blender now has lots of tools to make modeling an easier job. Like press the K-key. I think that is what you mean by “subdividing in one direction”. Or select the vertices you want to subdivide and cut them with the Knife.
If this is your first try at face-modeling, I can recommend these tutorials:

If I understand what you’re asking here, you want to be able to add another vertice along the edge of a square face (for example).

In Blender all faces must have 3 or 4 vertices. It’s not possible to have 5 vertices on a face.

So have a look at exactly what you want the result to be and if it means ending up with a face with more than 4 vertices then no - Blender can’t do that.


You can always add the wanted vert and then erase its connections to other verts if you can find a good reason to do so.

couple of options
face select cut, “k” options
the extrude option mentioned above
also under the scripts menu: bevel centre:
makes a nice ring of verts, this is my new favourite :slight_smile:
eg select 2 verts in a subdivided face and use bevel centre and see what happens.
[edit] silly me didn’t read properly, as Caleb72 said, are you trying to make a five sided face, with a vert or 2 not touching any edges?

low poly is mainly important in games, in most games models are rendered as triangles hence the practice of creating game models in tri’s or converting to tris for final tweaking.
think of this a 4 sided “quad” is two triangles, but displayed as a quad, a triangle is 1 triangle, a five sided thing is made of how many triangles?
six sided?

ps “redbyte” try the ctrl-LMB for adding verts as alluded to above.