Modelling Head/Shoulders/Body

Ok, Heres the problem…i use a UV sphere for the head, and box select the last few rows of vertices. Then i extrude them to make a neck. My problem is that i am unsure of how to procede from here. Am i supposed to extrude some of the vertices on the neck to create the shoulders, or should i add a cube and shape that? Also am i supposed to grab vertices on the head to create the nose…or am i doing it all wrong? Ive seen that some people get a picture of the model and trace it…how do i go about doing this. I need a really simple and easy to follow answer/tutorial. Thanks… :-?

One possible (and good) way.

You can build head out of primitive too of course, but without reference drawing you’d never get proportions right if you can’t draw face on paper and if you can you’ll prefer sketch tracing anyway. :slight_smile:

Another member recently pointed me to where they have flash video tutrials broken up into a number of steps - from creating a face to animating it. Found it very inspiring. Hope you might too!

Thanks you guys. I have a question for Trident:
On that thread that you linked me to, am i supposed to create a plane and the delete all of the vertices except 1 and then extrude that vertice to trace the face? Or am i supposed to grab the vertices of a cube and extrude them? Thanks again. :stuck_out_tongue: