Modelling Help? (Difficult Piece)

I’d like some help in tackling this particular piece of a motorcycle brake in Blender.

I can find lots of pictures with the brake, it’s just all at different angles, and none actually focus on the brake itself from any 90 degree angles.

I’ve got this so far:

The thing is, I have no idea where to begin. The piece is hardly blockish or even easy to find a starting point on. If someone could just tell me how they’d do it, it would be so great.

basically, such shapes are always a pain in the ass. you could start from the cylinder that connect it to the axle. from there you may wish to break it down into pieces. for me it’s easier sometimes, if i duplicate, then separate the edges where I will be working into a new area, then rejoin them and remove doubles once the new area is finished. retopo can also be helpful, and you can build your base mesh from primitives, then just retopo over it. that would probably be the quickest and easiest way.

Did a bunch of googling and found some (rare) pictures of the actual caliper brake piece sitting on the rim. (Searching brands helps!) so I think I can handle that ok. Only trouble now is trying to understand how the other pieces fit onto the wheel from just odd angles and zoomed in photographs.

Have you tried looking for an online repair manual? That would more likely give an exploded view of the parts.

I just used a bunch of different pictures to try and recreate the look, what do you think?
(I placed it on the wheel!)

It’s looking good. :slight_smile: