Modelling help - Method to create smooth, even curve from edge (cone shaped hump - difficult shape)

Hi, I’m trying to make the shape in the images, a cone shaped hump. I’ve tried a number of methods that haven’t given me good results.

here’s the blend file -

I really had no idea what to title this lol

I’d start by adding a cone via Boolean union:

curvy_thing_1_v01.blend (869.1 KB)

thanks for the reply.

boolean was something I tried, but after applying the geometry just needs so much clean up that I thought that there might be a better way.

I’ve tried loop tools but curve doesn’t seem to work in this instance and manually placing the verts then relaxing didn’t give an even result.

I’ve tried proportional editing with the round falloff, but again, it’s all quite manual and I would prefer a technique that’s repeatable, as the same shape appears on the mesh again.

here’s some more images of the reference if its helpful -

If you can afford to pay, you can try using Quadremesher addon, it can be used to quickly make figures like that obtaining good topology.

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