modelling help

Can someone give me a tutorial on how to make a human (must be realistic) and also how to add bones.
i have question can blender games can really be on the Ps3

ok what the f*** no replies

Your post is not well written and non-specific. I don’t blame others for not wanting to answer. :no:

I assume from your demeanor that you are new to Blender. In that case, I recommend that you learn the basics before you go into modeling “realistic” humans.
Here is the Blender Wiki, which will serve as a good reference. If you are interested in starting out modeling humanoid characters, including how to rig (“add bones”), then I recommend this tutorial:

From there you will be able to work your way up to modeling humans.

As for your second question, since I don’t play games I’m not sure, but I’m certain its possible to run Blender’s games on a play station. Perhaps someone else could help you (maybe in the game forums!).