Modelling high-quality alien/monster (for animation)

Hi Blendermen! I am proffesional 3ds MAX designer and Blender is my passion too! I am new to Blender and I am workin with it only 6 months! :wink: So, once some time ago I wanted to make the model of some high-quality alien or monster (alienster). Well, I started it 2 days ago and worked about only 30 mins. u can see it in attachment!
Please give me some more advises about this model- how can I improve good-quality textures, how to complete the modeling-what do u think about this model, what can add more, anything! Say what u dont like- and what u like! Critique! Give advise! Talk! :eyebrowlift2:


Of course the model is not yet complete and is too simple- but …:confused:
I will work on it :D. Also-Blender Smooth engine is not soo pretty :mad: ! :frowning:
My primary OS is Ubuntu Linux(for info)

P.S. Later I will post also picture of the model from other viewports.

Hi there and welcome, the smoothing is something I had to adjust to as well. But you learn to like it, and it kinda helps you to spot errors beforehand, which is cool.

I hope that maybe someday Blender developers will generaly update their smooth-engine code! or I will… hahah :slight_smile:

is good one-but I want to make other one…

is enough good, but I want to make less lok like human
monster is monster…

You should probably do that, they threw away voxels for fire =(. Could’ve been for any number of reasons but that’s one area Blender needs work on. Fire. Looking forward to seeing the completed model.

Have you got a sketch of what your final monster will look like? For animation like in a game engine, or animation like a short video? It matters. Welcome to BlenderArtists.

Great job so far, and aren’t you using a mirror modifier? Oh, and welcome to blender!

P.S. What’s wrong with the Smooth engine?

Probably! I have sketch of the model-and I will use this model for the video! NOT FOR THE GAME!!! Thats why I need high-quality textures. And also yes- later I will apply mirror modifier to complete the model symmetrically! Soon I will post more images, anmd also my sketch…

Also-maybe someday I will try to work on Blender coding cause I have knowledge in C and C++, but even now-I dont need fire-I need smooth engine-very good smooth engine is in 3ds MAX-it’s called-meshsmooth! Pretty nice! Need something like that, because when I apply standart Blender smooth on my model-I still can clearly see some ploygons-and thats not good! :frowning:

I think what you are looking for is called the Subsurf modifier. Editing Buttons, Modifier panel, subsurf is one of the options. You can choose simple subdivisions, or the Catmull-Clark algorithm, which is the default. Usually level 2, combined with Set Smooth (not Smooth) is adequate.

Set Smooth applies a smoothing algorithm to polygon meshes so they are blended at the edges. Set Solid undoes Set Smooth. The Smooth command relaxes the angles between selected edges. Subsurf virtually subdivides the mesh and applies the Catmul Clark smoothing algorithm (or simple subdivisions and smoothing.)

A complaint about Blender is the lack of what other software calls “Smoothing Groups.” Blender uses the edgesplit modifier, or Creases edges to get similar effects, but if you want to put that C++ knowledge to work, you might see if you can bring Smoothing Groups to Blender.

smoothing groups are poo compared to edgesplit :slight_smile:

ok,so before I complete the model I really need to choose what should I take-set smooth or edgesplit…
I will try both-before and then I wiil stay with the best result!
Post more… :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:
I need to know your opinion

This certainly seems like an odd attitude to hold toward a software that has both. I suspect you need to take a look at the Blender reference materials instead of looking for Max equivalent tools.

FYI, Set Smooth is not an alternative to Edgesplit. They are different tools that do different things.

Thank you - Orinoko, Tigger, Blender-er an others very much! I will post here new render at monday! And I will apply all smoothing-later! Thanx!!
Kepp on watchin…