Modelling Ideas

Hi guys! We need a thread (sticky if it works…) where people have ideas on something to make, but do not have the talent, time, or both.
This would help all of us overcome our BlenderBlock and would let the rest of us see our idea in 3d.

If you have any refs about your idea, say a picture off of google or even just a sketch, post them with your idea. Otherwise just talk about it.

As for me, I have many ideas:

  1. The Slap-O-Matic 3000 (a device that slaps you)
  2. A Catapult (shoots flying cows?)
  3. A smoking joint (a big fat ol’ bob marley 8) )
  4. Ideath (you take it from there)

There’s a few of my ideas that I’ll never get around to. Post yours here!

Well(cough) The Crosswalk project needs Background buildings :slight_smile:

…also I think thats what the WC is for…

I agree about the WC thing, it’s just that only one person posting one topic every one week just isn’t the same…

What kind of style for the background buildings? :stuck_out_tongue:

Art deco…We will have the current screen shots up after thanksgiving.

whats WC?

my ideas:

  1. skyscrapers
  2. death ray gun. realistic please.

this is a great idea
do you think we should also make people post the .blend?