Modelling Knotted Twine

I could use some advice for modelling knotted twine. I’ve got something sort of okay going right now. I tied the knot the hard way. It took forever, and I’d say it looks okay rather than great.

Is there an easier way to get rope like this to wrap naturally around stuff and itself? Even better, is there a way to get it to compress as it should, and flatten to stuff it’s pressed against? I kind of doubt it, but i thought I’d ask for advice just in case.

As for getting a low poly object to bake this down to, would the best way be to just duplicated the curve and bevel it out?

I can provide some options for you to use; though I am not sure which is best.

  1. Model a small segment of the rope. Then use a curve modifier to create the whole rope with the knots.

  2. Use the Blender soft body physics simulation to create the rope. (Or perhaps hard-body with constraints and links; or cloth simulation)