modelling Lara Croft

Am new here guys and am also new to blender and the blending aspect of it. Pls feel free to tell me anything you feel about my upload "modelling Lara Croft thanks


Looks like a good start. well done!

If I had to make a suggestion it would be that the eyebrows are way too big and in the wrong place, they need to follow the eye socket a bit more. I would also tone them down a bit it terms of color and blend them in a bit with the rest of the model, they look like they are stuck on atm.

The makeup is a bit “sex clown”, i would tone down the lips and blush a bit, try a natural look. Lara is a sporty girl she does not wear thay much makeup.

The skin tone is a bit plastic as well, try and add some reds and softness to the shader.

The neck/collar bone area looks a little off anatomically, you can get away with reducing its complexity in a more stylized model but if you want to put the details in you have to get them right.

But Like I said an awesome start and you should not be discouraged by criticism, human models are really hard to pull off.

MCHammond thanks a lot . I never know Lara Croft existed or still existing lol will need a clear referance pciture of her to help me better my work output. The one I have is not so clear. Its low quality and I think it have affected my entire modelling. So pls if you have a cleare reference picture of her pls I will like to have a copy, thanks again

Why is she blond ? She’s got brown hair. Are we talking about the same one of the Eidos games? Besides that the modelling of the body seems great.

Will improve all that thanks too

If you Google Lara Croft you will get 100’s of images. LINK

here’s a good straight on shot of her original face. this site also has some pics of the models who have inspired the various versions, i noticed. I would suggest toning down the colors of the facial make-up. do some subtle shading of the face. a bit darker/redder around the eyes, nose and ears. then add some subtle color for the make-up. and if you want to get into some advanced texturing, make a spec map to make the lips look more glossy.

Thanks too

Giggles was the tittle to lure us in? …and then to shock us? …I like it :slight_smile: I’m still working on feet o.o -_- It hasn’t been a fun time…for me ha ha I love your style :smiley: Make sure to show us some wireframes :smiley: