modelling my dad's old Nikon SLR

Been away from blender for quite a while but never got very good at it although I do enjoy it :slight_smile:

So yeah pretty rusty even for what I did know but struggling through this at the moment and enjoying it. Any advice welcome! Needs quite a few more details yet.

My father died when I was only 5 so I don’t remember him well - thinking it might be neat to model some of his old things i have and make a desk scene that might have belonged to him and print it out…

So yeah will have to do a lot more details like lettering on the lens etc… even the main shell of the model isn’t complete yet. . would like to do a nice leather strap on it etc… so will research extruding on a curve for that i guess and work out some nice leather material method etc…

Hmm how to put thread on the inside of the end of the lens (where filters screw on)? Use the bolt addon somehow and steal the thread from that?

actually i think i answered my own question just thinking more on it… no will notice if the thread isn’t spiralled? So just model some sharp little indents around the inside to make it look like thread?

Can also model the bevel profile of the thread, and use the screw modifier. It’s also

that way by having more than one thread start orientated from the object’s center point. (A camera is possibly a likely example of non-standard threading, or rather their proprietary standard is more likely to not be of the usual sort.) And the model looks good for the most part, given what can be seen so far.