Modelling my own head

I had no replies in 11h so i thought mabye i should inculde more images, so here is my message again with extra pictures.

I’am working on a head right now. I used some pictures of my own head as reference material. It’s not fineshed yet, the nose en eyes need and of course the rest of the face needs more detail. Tips & sugesstions about how to improve en model and especially the eyelids are more than welcome!
I am also planning to ad hair to my model. Does anybody know a good and clear tutorial about making hair in blender?

link to first render:

link to viewports img:

link to reference drawing:


Topology looks ok. Now it is time to densify your mesh, else you well not be able to add more details. For example, if you want to add skin ripples to the eyes or nostrils to your nose…

To add details, use the mesh tool loop subdivide (ctrl+R) and subdivide by making successive subdivision.

For exemple, add at leats 3 to 4 loops around the eye, and you should be able to model the eyelids properly. What kind of eyleid could you model just with one loop around the eyeball uh? :smiley:

Repeat same process with the nose the lips etc etc etc…

I tryed to ad more details to my model, and this is what i got so far…
Some things just don’t look right yet but I cant seem to get it right yet, any tips?