Modelling non geometric shapes

Hi all! I’ve been using blender for a while now and I have been selected to participate in a computeing competition ( called COMFEST, google it out if u want to). Now they have a 3d modelling event in which blender is used (Yay! ). So I can be give anything in random so I cannot tell what will I get but I have some questions about modelling certain stuff-

  1. Modelling shoe laces/ ribbons.
  2. Making unusual shapes (shoe sole, badge etc)
  3. (This one shouldn’t really be here) Adding backgrounds(images) to my renders. I mean not having the plane grey background but adding (or making, I dont really know about this) a scene…

Thanks a lot

Shoe laces or anything ropey should probably be made with curves. but another way to make rope(which looks really good)

‘shoe sole, badge’ both of these can be made with basic polygon modeling.(try checking out a basic polygon modeling tutorial)

There are two ways to create a background image.

  1. build a background scene.
  2. what you need to do is use a plane and UV unwrap it to a image you download off the internet etc and use that for the background.

Note here is a great tutorial series which should show you everything you need to know

Thanks a lot!