Modelling object from reference image

How would I go about modelling the base of this computer based off these images?

I have been using a basic cube to model the profile but do not know how to model the back of it properly. Any help appreciated.

If you set the images as background images in the viewport they can be a lot easier to work on. If you’re not sure how to add them just let me know and I’ll do a quick video for it. But if you just want to model the base, I suggest a subdivided cube, and then make the plugs as separate objects and move them into position once done. If you need close ups of the sockets to make it easier there’ll be tons of pictures on the internet of them.
Hope this helps :slight_smile:

Working from cube is fine. Using mirror modifier will reduce geometry creation as well.

All you need is to create a geometry for rear panel / recess shape to work from. First erase rear faces. Then extrude the edges around hole as in top image. Now you have the basic geometry to work from. I created round edge by adding some cuts, vertices and faces. Work from orthographic view. Extrusion can be moved about in plane. Then extrude the recess profile inward. Create the recessed face to finish: