Modelling Organic Eyebrow + Socket

Here’s my setup:

Okay, well, I’ve hit a snag in this model’s process. As you can see from the picture, I’ve got a bunch of spikes finished. Now, my idea for attaching them was to attach them to a flattened half-sphere. So, obviously for this to work, I’d have to have the other half (the body) be a sphere (it might as well be, since there need to be so many vertices…) So, I did that. Now, here’s the problem: I tried to model an eye socket the conventional way (extruding the involved vertices, scaling them down a little, extruding again, scaling again, and then deleting faces); however, this turned out to be a total mess. The mesh was completely… well, it was bad. Let’s leave it at that. I then tried to knife cut the general shape of the hole, then applying the first method, thinking I was getting somewhere, when, to my dismay, subsurfing the mesh made it look like the eye socket had a “Wave” effect applied to it. So, my question is basically how should I model an eye socket out of this? Or, am I going about this entirely wrong?

Thanks in advance,