Modelling Philips SBT30 Portable Speaker


i try to build this speaker in blender:

i’m a bit stuck, maybe you could help me?

  1. at the blue plastic corner i try to extrude it to the center, to make the bumper look solid. but it affects to the meancrease in a bad way:

  1. i tried to model the top unit out of one piece, but i have no idea what techniques to combine to get a geometrically accurate form out of it:

From my point of view you have to do three separate objects, outside the blue rubber, above and below the caps as it is in reality. however I have made an example for your first problem.

Philips SBT30For the top I try to give you an example later in the night

Here also a solution for your second problem. The model is not accurate but it should give you an idea to let you be yourself.

Philips SBT30_Cup