Modelling Problem Car Vents


I am currently working on the following Rolls Royce Phantom II, but I have no good idea how to add the side vent holes. Maybe you have some good ideas, that could help a lot. The problem is that i thought about just making an array of hole shapes and use the boolean operater, but at the actual vent the metal peaks out a bit. I have no idea how to get that in a not to complicated way.

My mcurrent model:


This is how I think an individual vent hole should look like:

If they are just holes, you can get away with a simple boolean, but if they have that sweep up, then your example above is pretty much spot on in terms of geometry, just bevel in the face which would be the hole and cut it. Though if you are going to use sub-surf, you may need to redo the geometry to factor that in.


I don’t get why you are using a boolean ?
If you use an array, just model a single hole, then duplicate if with the array, you don’t need a boolean, do you ?


Hope this helps.
untitled2.blend (1.7 MB)

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Thaks for your tips, now I got it

I did the vents the way you said and than projected them on the car side to get the same curvature. This is now the result thanks for your quick help.