modelling question

I haven’t used Blender yet, just trying to get the concept first.

If I measure up an actual object to use as a model, I can use
a cad program to build a DXF file with diamensions ect. and
import into Blender.

is it possible to create the model directly in Blender with the
diamensions just the same as the cad program or would it
be better to import a DXF file?

Well, first off, DXF and Blender don’t get along very well. It works, but can be very messy and will involve a lot of clean up on your part within Blender.

As for using actual dimensions in Blender, it can be done as well, but it does not work like a CADprogram. CAD functionality has been asked for many times previously, but I don’t thinkit will be coming any time soon.


Some day I’ve to write a tutorial about these things. As BgDM has said, there is some issues importing DXF files.

Blender only accepts ACAD DXF version 12 (or similar) and simple entities (points, lines, circles). If your file is hugue, save several DXF files, Blender will respect their global coordinates.

Keep your entities in the CAD sofware grid, they will be placed in the Blender grid when imported.

If you want to import 3D objects, use 3DS format.