Modelling Ships and Guns

Hi there,

Im really into the 18th century and I want to start modelling some musket and some ships.

I havent really got an idea of how to go through making both. I have reference pictures and I have tried extrusion of a vertex. This gives me an okay result.

There must a better way. Help appreciated.

look and search the WIP forum
there are bvery good WIP from Ben and other for ships with nice pic
that should help you
now if you want the Chirstopher columubs ships

lPM me and i’ll give an italian site for DWG’s


Next time try with
extrusion of an edge and
extrusion of a face

You will get even better result :slight_smile:

Seriously, search for tutorials with Blender there are plenty on the web.
Start learning modeling step by step, from simple to complex.
Soon you will get into the rythm of modeling and there is no escape.

I dont get what you mean extrusion of a face, I extrude vertices all over the ship, then I joined them into edges. Edges into faces and faces were extruded, then I switched view and shaped the vertices to fit the other views.

I am not a complete noob, I model weapons, sword and axes all the time.

I think that’s a very time consumming technique.
Can you show some images of what you are trying to model?

Well, I’ve got this picture.

It is of some plates, Ship designs(My 3D).

you have all the cross section there

so you can easily use nurb curves to skin this hull

check out the nurbs skinning wiki page

it’s much easier i guess

another thing is if your going to do that model
you should open a WIP in WIP forum
that 's the place for these WIP