Modelling stairs

I would like to model simple stairs composed of single stairs placed regularly along a sloping line . I think that the Dupliframe tool can do that but I don’t how to use it. Can someone help me ?
Thanks in advance.

just use meshes instead of nurbs…

Dupliverts would do that as well.
I find it more intuitive.


yet another way is to use a mesh plane perpendicular to your two floor slabs. Subdivide it until you get the right number of risers, scale it proportionally til the top and bottom line up with the two floors, then erase all the verts that don’t make the “zig-zag” of the stair. Extrude the resulting line segments to get the stair width.

(its easier than it sounds, really!)

Thank you for all your answers.
I’m going to learn theses techniquess and then I’ll post the result.